EK 50ML Micro Crimping Tool

  • Simple and safe: one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Electronic control with locking function monitors full closing of the dies
  • Simple and safe: Automatic retraction after operation completed
  • Manual retract as required
  • Motor stall protection
  • Ergonomic 2C housing in the Klauke “In-line Design”
  • Fastening eye for use with balancer or as fall protection in field applications
  • Very low weight and high speed for maximum efficiency
  • Powerful drive technology for fatigue proof operations
  • Powerful 10.8 V Li-Ion battery with charge status display
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Maintenance display via LED
  • Projektbezogene Protokollierung mit Softwarepaket Klauke i-press®

suitable for

  • 50-series interchangeable crimping dies


  • The Klauke micro with intuitive PowerSense function combines the benefits of manual crimping tools with the convenience of battery powered hydraulic crimping tools
  • Excellent crimping results with minimum effort