EBM South Africa

Since 1967 EBM South Africa (formally Eberhardt-Martin) has been at the forefront of innovation in bringing cost effective products to the South African market. Some of these products are aerial bundle conductor systems, vacuum voltage sensing sectionalizers, microprocessor based solid dielectric vacuum auto reclosers and premoulded cable terminations.

EBM South Africa is the sole South African distributor for several leading European, Chinese and American manufacturers. EBM South Africa is the longest serving distributor of the well-known company Maclean Power Systems (formerly Joslyn) from the U.S.A. having supplied their equipment in South Africa since 1971. The Maclean Power Systems range of products stocked and supplied in South Africa are distribution and station class surge arresters, automatic line splices and hot line clamps.


EBM South Africa has the most complete range of live line working tools for distribution voltages up to 132kV and is the sole South African distributor for Salisbury (Honeywell Safety Products) gloves and rubber equipment used for live line working. For sticking technique Eberhardt-Martin is the South African distributor of Hastings Fiberglass Products.

EBM South Africa represents several leading manufacturers of both silicone and porcelain insulators for use on low voltage and high voltage overhead lines. We stock a full range of silicone long rod and line post insulators up to 132kV and can supply insulators for use on voltages up to 1000kV AC and 800kV DC. We also stock the porcelain station post insulators.

The EBM South Africa range of products manufactured in South Africa consists of a full range of aerial bundle conductor mechanical and electrical fittings. These products have been manufactured by us in South Africa for over 30 years and have been widely used throughout South Africa on Eskom electrification projects. EBM South Africa also has a full range of products supplied by Thomas & Betts (Joslyn HV) for arc furnace switching and capacitor bank switching.

While this catalogue gives a brief summary of products available it by no means covers our complete range of products. Should you have any specific requirements or queries please do not hesitate to contact us. There is a good possibility that we have a product to meet your requirements. We thank our customers for their support over the past 54 years and look forward to serving you over the next 50 years.